Comparison of software development processes.

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This time I created for you a little story, you might like it.

Once upon a time there was a Customer who meet with several development teams.

The Customer wasn't able to pick one team, so he setted up a match with all of them, and the Winning Team will win the hole customer's portfolio.

Curiously, each team informed that they will use a different development methodology. Everyone started at the same time ... while some moved directly to develop after a little customer's introduction, others meet with him and make some questions.

Of those who stayed chatting with the client, some developers maked requirements quickly and the rest made ​​requirements using arduous and endless meetings to define the product specs to develop ...

After a few days we have the first teams that presents their final product. Those who used light requirements begin development and get meeting weekly with the client. Those who use hard requirements were still working on specs.

After three months most of the teams deliver the product, including those who made light requirements too. The group behind hard requirements is still working hard behind closed doors.

After a few months some groups surrender and deliver the product as it is.

In a couple of months more, the more strict teams finish and deliver ...

Go now and see the result...

Here is what the customer had in mind:

Some Teams made commercial proposals:

These are the hard functional specs:

These are the quick and light specs:

These Teams used old solutions:

Those fans of propietary software:

Those who chose a Software as a Service:

Those who chose closed solutions:

Those fans of reusing what exists:

Those who hired a freelancer:

Light spec, but without approximation:

Incremental method. They don't start a module, until finish another first:

These guys used an ego approximation:

These guys used an evolutive approximation process:

What Waterfall could deliver:

These had budget problems:

I hope you liked this.

Match's winner: "The evolutive approximation process". Will talk about that later.

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