Believe it or not...

Now I remember that there is things that are like the gravity force... we don't need to understand it to make it works...

One guy starts to float and to elevate to the infinite and starts to scream "SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN ME THE GRAVITYYYYYY IT IS NOT WORKIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiinnnnggggg....."


Gravity works instead you like it or not, you understand it or not, you believe it or not.

Also in the ancient ages there was people that won battles thanks to the gravity force, letting some rocks dropping from a hill, and those who won the battle didn't have any idea about what the fuck was moving the stones drop down.

Some people will think "this about gravity is a fashion, I'm now in the post-gravity stage". Others will think that "this about gravity is a process and to make it works you must do it always the same way". And others will think "gravity is an spirit that binds as to the Earth, is the Love of the Planet that keeps us attached to our fate"

The truth is that doesn't matters what you think, what you believe, what you understand, what you reject... gravity will be working for you, or against you and maybe that will be the difference between win or loose today's battles.

Agile has some relation with this, is to recognize thing's nature, human's nature and team's nature. Is to accept that nature, and to put it to work for the results. Without care how much intangible or incredible it should appears some times...

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