Agile patterns and anti-patterns that I was finding.

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This time I bring to you a resume of all agile patterns and anti-patterns that I was finding in the way. I collected them from own and others experience. In many cases these were my own errors, and when I discovered them, they were added to the collection. I thought that was interesting to put them nicknames, to illustrate a little more the problem's root.

This is a pre-view of the Book I'll write.

I hope that this patterns will be for you so userful, didactyc as funny.

I wait for your feedback!

  • Photogenic Agile . Is Agile for the photo. He demonstrate to be part of the Agile movement, but don't understand it at all.
  • Agile anti christ. This is convinced that the Agilism is not good, but never tried it. And those who make it work is by good luck.
  • Agile as a slogan. Names agilism to sell, but behind closed doors ... don't uses it at all.
  • Agile all in one. There is a person with the role "Scrum Developer Master Owner."
  • Feudal Agile The client make estimations.
  • Agile Soldier. The Stand Up is a military report, with penalties, reviews and push-ups.
  • Agile or death. Everything must be perfect. If a post-it is twisted, he straightens it.
  • Agile Carousel. Iterates but don't moves forward. 
  • Agile Titanic. They wanted to amaze the first class with speed and they sank the ship, but the price is paid by third class.
  • Agile Denied. He asks for other's opinions, but not listen them.
  • Agile-radio controlled. He wants to push a button, move the lever, and all must obey.
  • Agileban. He couldn't make Scrum works, and uses Kanban. And then calls it Scrum to feel better.
  • Pusillanimous Agile. He is not Agile because the Customer is not Agile.
  • Forensics Agile. He performs the Retrospective, but when it is too late.
  • Telepathic Agile. He not communicates until demo. And don't writes acceptance criteria even.
  • Nike Agile (Just-Do-It). He believes that to be Agile is simply doing what is needed to be done.
  • Agile Hero. He believes that the Force is the solution to all. If he is late, then works overtime or increase the team. If he has lack quality increases controls. If he needs a resource, increases Stock.
  • Hole-In-One Agile Unknown approximation process. If it is not done, is not useful. It's All or Nothing.
  • Agile Drugstore. Open 24 hours. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do at night.
  • Agile Sheriff. The Manager friendly dedicates to watch the process. Intervenes only when something goes wrong, with wrong manners, and to find the guilty.
  • Cast Away Agile. He hires a remote freelancer. Then he don't communicates until the project's end.
  • Agileitis. Or rather known as "Means delay End". Perfectitis. Qualititis. Architectitis. Testitis.
  • Agile Patrol. Visibility is concerned, but as a tool for control of personnel.

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