Coaching Decision Processes

Hello dear readers, today I will explore with you the topic: "Decisions". 


Decision and emotions factor: the Fear

One of the main factors behind our decision process, is Fear. When we choose an option, we are leaving the others behind.

To decide, is to choose an option. And to not choose others. 

Sometimes the Fear is an obstacle for decisions, sometimes is a motivation. 

A critical component...

...of making decisions, guess what: is commitment. 




Define Values

After a Decision, comes Action 

"I am what I decide" 

To help someone to make a decision, is not to decide for him. 

"If I were you, I would do this" 

What holds you back from making a decision?

Decisions are personal, because decisions are an act of Freedom, and Freedom comes with Responsibility. 

Winning and loosing

When we make a decision, we always win something, and loose something. One frequent factor in the decision process, is to be aware of "what we could win" and "what we could loose", and accept both. 

We need to be aware, that when we decide, we are choosing to win, and we are choosing to loose. 

Hard decisions 

Sometimes, we need to decide to make a big lost. There is "hard to make decisions" in life. And they are also necesary. 

In the decision game, we need to be good winners, and good losers. 

Shared decisions 

Many times our decisions are individual and personal, but in other situations, decisions comes from agreement with others. Group decision, Team decisions, Couple decisions are some examples of that. 

In this situations, when someone decides a "no", then is "no" for everybody.

Decision Components:

  • Emotions
    • Fear
    • Sorry 
    • Regret 
  • Commitment
  • Winning and losings  
  • Time 
  • Definitive

The Decision Process

  • Identify the need
    • is it real? 
    • is my desire? or is from others? 
  • Search options
    • What I will do with my necessity? 
    • What Options do I have? 
    • What Options do exists? 
    • If there is only 1 option, then we are not deciding. 
  • Identify one option
    • Do that cover the need? 
    • Is that functional? 
    • What's my winning in this option? 
    • What I'm choosing to loose? 
  • Validate
    • What's the risk to decide? 
    • What's the risk to not decide? 
    • When is the proper time for decision? 
    • What resources do I count with? 
    • Who can help me? 
    • What do I feel in front of the options?  
    • How can be this implemented?
  •  Choose 
    • Responsibility
    • Commitment 
  • Document 
    • Why we choose this option? 
  • Discard
    •  all the rest options, do not exists anymore. 
  • Action 
    • We decide to make an Action, not to be successful. 
  • No result
    • The important of a decision, is not the result. 


"I'm proud of everything I tried" 

Hellen Keller

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