Pull vs Push

Hello dear followers! I hope your safe and healthy at home during this pandemia.

Today we will explore a classical topic: pull vs push systems.

But as usual, we will not speak only about systems and methods, but also about cultures.

First of all, what is push and pull systems?

Regarding Wikipedia, this is a good definition:

In a Push system there is an "order" that trigger the production process, pushing into the process start point.

In a Pull system, there is a "request" that trigger the production process, pulling from the end point of the production line.

Let's watch a matematical example:

Situation zero:

  • We setup a production line with 3 steps,
  • each step feeds the stock of the next one (depending process)
  • We decided (PUSH) to setup a production capacity of 10
  • On zero time our profit is minus (Minus)1200  

  • when we put the plant to full production (PUSH) our profit became 1600
    Bingo! We are using full capacity (PUSH)

  • then we optimize the system to follow to the market demand (PULL)
  • then we duplicate Profit 
  • and we use half of capacity 

But that is at process level. For mechanic mindsets.

We can think also in another dimensions like philosophy, cultural, etc...

Let's try, suppose that instead of "processes" we have "ideas".

You can be pushing those Ideas, or pulling them.

If you "push" you will decide which idea is better regarding your own mindset.

If you "pull", you will discover, which idea is better regarding a real demand.

If we could consider that exists a "push mindset", it could include some of this behaviours:

  • To care always and only in to keep capacity full and busy (Busyness)
  • To "design teams" without a reason or demand from the market 
  • To write requirements to keep teams busy and working 
  • To design products that the market didn't asked for. 
  • To take decisions in base of structure, more than marketing strategy. 
  • "business decisions" are made by a "manager" instead a market expert in contact with the real customer or end user. 
  • To adapt "business" strategies, to the internal political strategies or hierarchies.

So the... Scrum is a Push system?

Scrum is also a Pull system. We pull stories from the Backlog. And we will not do "everything".

This is a typical mistake, to consider that Scrum is a Push system. And to optimize Scrum and make it better, a good strategy is to apply Kanban / Lean principles to it.

That means: clean the backlog, focus on the sprint, identify values, eliminate wastes, etc...

You know the rest, sing alone...

I hope you enjoy this piece... have a nice day and stay healthy.



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