TDD and ATDD with JavaScript

Hi Agile People!

In this chance I want to share with you this tool that I recently created and implemented. It is a little JavaScript Unittesting Library, and a TDD exercise building the Conway's Game of Life.

So this has at least three uses:
  • To perform testing in JS 
  • To do TDD/ATDD on JS 
  • It is a CodeRetreat or CodingDojo facilitation tool. 

In the last case, is just enough with download the project, erase the code on Game and Cell classes, erase the tests and start coding!

¿Why JavaScript?

Well, it can run in every environment, using Firefox, Chrome or Chromium, you can enter to the console, and see the test's results.

And on the other side, it is a way to create something visually attractive to the people who atted to the meet up, and for that, more motivational.

You can see the Game running here: http://js-tdd.sourceforge.net/

And you can download the project doing:

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/js-tdd/code/trunk js-tdd

I hope you enjoy this!

Send me your opinion!

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