The Best Results cannot be planned

Hello learners!

Thanks for reading my blog. Today I bring to you another learning experience.

After celebrating the 2020 new years eve, I was reviewing my last 8 years, of my life travel. This 8 years iteration is complete and finished, and now I'm ready for a big change.

During this years I move out from Argentina and started to live and work as an agilist in Europe. First year in Barcelona working as Scrum Master, and then life started to play with me: I was moved to Germany.

(yes, "was moved")

On this review, I found an interesting pattern: I had many plans, but the best things from my history, were not planned.

The best things that happened to me were: to meet my music master, who teaches me hundreds of lessons for free, and we share a music world. He pushed me into an stage to play and sing. At the beginning people told me that I had a good voice, but I could not believe it much.

Anyway, watching now to behind, I see that I dedicated myself to the music the last 4 years.

I learnt a lot!

And I could enjoy so many things that could not be possible. Now I have my own Youtube channel, where I share my passion for Music, and I'm also starting in a professional band as a singer.

Everyting sounds nice, but hold on a moment...

When in my plans did I conceived the possibility to became a musician?

I explored a little bit more into my life travel, and found more parts that where "high scores". They were also not planned. And honestly speaking, the "planned" part of my history was not working well. A lot of disappointments, frustration and fights.

Now I think to myself. If the best parts of my history were not planned, can someone do that?

Can best results be planned?

I cannot imagine someone planning like this:

I will go to buy some bread, turn left on the corner at 10:15 and meet a lady in red. I will fall in love with her, and we will get married 2 years after.


If the universe of happenings that can be planned are so -small-, and in life, best things cannot be planned...


what if, "best results" in business can also not be planned?

what if, our planning culture is holding us under a limited universe of probabilities and opportunities?

that makes sense for me.

If we plan everything, when comes innovation?

And if, innovation cannot exists, when we will do something disruptive, special?

Exactly: never.

But our reporting culture forces people to do only the targets and activities that can be:
  • Planned
  • Controlled
  • Reported 
You will keep this "controlled" environment?

What are you waiting to free and empower your teams to strike the market with their creativity?

Thanks for reading,