Scrum vs Kanban?

Hello agilers!

Today I write about what's the difference between Scrum and Kanban?

Which one is better? For what situation?

Whenever you listen "which options do you have to work with your team" the two options comes to the light: Scrum or Kanban.

Ok, let's go!

So, I think one of the main differences between them is that Scrum has Sprints.

SCRUM - nociones básicas - online ontime
But wait... Kanban has also cycles, with different names
10: Control points of the CoC | Download Scientific Diagram

In kanban they name "cadences".

But, without prescription...

Ok sorry for that,will try again...

Let me think.

Scrum has a Retrospective meeting.

And, Kanban also. It has 3 of them.

The Rhythm of Success: Kanban Meetings | Nave
Ok, will save time, as you can see on this picture, it has also some sort of Planning, daily standup, and review.

So at the end everything is about Cycle and Feedback.


let me search a difference....

The Backlog! Scrum has a Backlog!

And Kanban... has...


Ok, I'm getting bored of this game. let's try in the other direction.

Kanban has a WIP limit!

ahaa!!! there you have!

Scrum vs. Kanban: How Do They Treat Work in Progress? | Excella

Scrum also, when you calculate "capacity", measure your "velocity" and plan a "sprint backlog" you are setting up a "WIP limit".

Well sorry ladies and gentlemans, I give up.

There is no difference between Scrum and Kanban, more than "naming" and "prescription".

They are the "same thing" with different setup and names.

Scrum is a prescribed Kanban.

Follow me for more desceptions and myth busting!!!!

Have a nice day....